I don’t really like putting my life out there anymore, but I had to share this picture. This week has been awesome.

Starbucks employees misspell your name every time. Not because they’re idiots. In fact, they’re incredibly educated for service workers. Most Starbucks baristas are college graduates who are just bored. Your name is never correct for one simple reason. And don’t worry, you don’t have too much to do with it.


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenges are all fun and games, but 2:00 is why it really matters.

I’ve seen many critics say things along the lines of “A lot of these people are probably spending more money on bagged ice than on ALS research” or “This is stupid and isn’t going to help ALS at all”, but the truth of the matter is it has helped get the word out. And since it’s started, there has been a 1000% spike in donations to the ALS Association. How can this possibly be stupid?


adults: “what are your plans for the summer?” “what are you planning on studying in college?” “what do you want to do in the future?”



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